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We are specialists in dealing with sitting tenancies. We can help whether you are looking to sell your property with sitting tenants or are looking to invest in properties with sitting tenants.

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions:

What is a sitting Tenant?

A sitting tenant has a legal right to remain in their rented property for life and on death the tenancy can be passed to other family members. These tenancies were created before 15th January 1989 under the 1977 Rent Act and are also referred to as regulated tenancies, protected tenancies and rent act tenancies.

The landlord is responsible for maintaining the exterior of the property and insuring the building and the sitting tenant is responsible for the interior of the property paying the rent, which is well below the market rent and set by the Rent Office.

The rent for a sitting tenant can be reviewed by the Rent Office every two years or when improvements such as gas central heating, double glazing or a new kitchen or bathroom have been made to the property.

Selling a Property with a sitting Tenant

When you sell a property with a sitting tenant, the buyer does not get vacant possession as the tenant has a legal right to remain in the property for life making it difficult to find a suitable buyer.

At Sitting Tenant Brokers, we specialise in this market and have over 100 cash buyers looking for this type of investment.

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