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Selling Your Sitting Tenants

If you own a property with a sitting tenant or have just inherited a property on a protected tenancy and are wanting to sell the property we can help. We can also assist when selling properties with assured tenancies, life tenancies and tenancies with agricultural ties.

We have been dealing with owners and buyers of these types of properties for over 10 years and are market leaders in this niche area of property investment. All of our buyers are cash and in some instances have paid very close to the vacant possession value and completed within one week of receiving draft papers.

Below are some of our most frequently asked questions:

Do You Offer Free Valuations?

Yes we do. In order to provide you with a free valuation we only require some basic information about the property so we can obtain further details from the Rent Office.In most cases we will be able to give you a good idea on what value your property with a sitting tenant is worth within 24 hours.

Will the tenants be disturbed?

At no time during the sale would your tenants be disturbed by us or the purchaser.

What happens when we instruct you?

When you instruct us to sell your property the details will be listed on our website and sent to our investors within a few hours and we would hope to have several offers for you within 48 hours.

Who Deals With the Solicitors?

Once a sale has been agreed Sitting Tenant Brokers will prepare a sales memo and send to all parties including solicitors. We will then have regular contact with both sets of solicitors ensuring draft papers have been sent to the buyers, enquiries have been raised and answered and that the relevant searches have been applied for and generally making sure the sale is progressing to a swift conclusion. You will be kept up to date with weekly reports and can contact us at any time to check on the progress.

Sitting Tenant Question Not Covered Here?

Not a problem! Contact us to ask what you want to know.

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